Wolfgang Joop Fragrances

Joop! Go – The Feeling-Good Masculine Fragrance

Joop! Go_EdT

February 2007 marks the arrival on the market of Joop! Go, the new (at that time!) masculine fragrance from the German fashion house of designer and artist Wolfgang Joop. Developed by perfumer Sophie Labbe and belonging to the aromatic fougere olfactory group, Joop! Go is according to the official press release “the youngest and most […]

Joop! Homme – A Delight for the Olfactory Senses

Joop! Homme_125ml_EdT

Joop! (with the correct pronunciation “yope”) is the name of a German Fashion House established in 1978 by the German designer Wolfgang Joop. Because he wanted to distinguish his name from that of the fashion house, he added an exclamation point at the end of the company name. Being nowadays one of the most popular […]