Tommy Hilfiger Fragrances

Tommy Hilfiger Eau de Prep Tommy – Sportive Style for the Young Men

Tommy Hilfiger Eau de Prep Tommy_EdT

Announced in the same time with its feminine counterpart Eau de Prep Tommy Girl, the new masculine fragrance from Tommy Hilfiger is called Eau de Prep Tommy and was available since October 2011. However, the comparison with the feminine version stops here, because this latest addition to men’s line appears to be more interesting. Probable […]

Eau de Prep Tommy Girl Tommy Hilfiger – For a Modern Young Woman

Eau de Prep Tommy Girl Tommy Hilfiger_Edt

Every new fragrance announced by Tommy Hilfiger represents a point of interest for me, by association with a brand which is became one of my favorites over the years (well, not so much lately, but anyway). As a consequence, while reading about the launch of Eau de Prep Tommy Girl (introduced in October 2011), it […]

Dreaming Tommy Hilfiger – Living a Fantasy

Dreaming Tommy Hilfiger_30ml_EdP

Whenever I think of Dreaming from Tommy Hilfiger it brings me back happy memories, because this is a perfume that I bought for my wife as a Christmas present in 2009. The scent arrived on the market at the end of 2007, as a floral fruity fragrance, developed by perfumer Stephen Nilsen. According to Tommy […]

Hilfiger Woman Peach Blossom Tommy Hilfiger – A Memorable Scent

Hilfiger Woman Peach Blossom Tommy Hilfiger_50ml_EdP

Peach Blossom arrived on the market in spring last year, as a flanker to 2010’s Hilfiger Woman. This new feminine fragrance introduced by Tommy Hilfiger comes as a limited edition (available in Europe, as an exclusivity of Douglas chain) and belongs to the floral fruity olfactory group. Given that both my wife and I could […]

Tommy Boy Tommy Hilfiger – The American Fresh Fragrance

Tommy Boy Tommy Hilfiger_50ml_EdT

A fragrance that is very dear to me, given that I bought this a couple of days after sniffing it for the first time. Tommy Boy was introduced in the year 1995 as a woody spicy fragrance developed by perfumers Annie Buzantian and Alberto Morillas. The perfume embodies the type of fresh, clear fragrance, ideal […]

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