Tom Ford Fragrances

Tom Ford for Men Extreme – The Iconic Scent for Men

Tom Ford for Men Extreme_50ml_EdT

If you love Tom Ford for Men, you will adore Tom Ford for Men Extreme. This is an oriental woody fragrance introduced in 2007 as the more powerful version of the debut male scent from Tom Ford which benefitted from a huge popularity. And given that Tom Ford products are hard to get by, I […]

Tommy Hilfiger Eau de Prep Tommy – Sportive Style for the Young Men

Tommy Hilfiger Eau de Prep Tommy_EdT

Announced in the same time with its feminine counterpart Eau de Prep Tommy Girl, the new masculine fragrance from Tommy Hilfiger is called Eau de Prep Tommy and was available since October 2011. However, the comparison with the feminine version stops here, because this latest addition to men’s line appears to be more interesting. Probable […]

Tom Ford White Patchouli – Minimalist Chic

Tom Ford White Patchouli_50ml_EdP

Introduced in September 2008, White Patchouli is a feminine chypre floral fragrance that represents Tom Ford’s result of re-interpreting the classic theme of patchouli. And given that the creation process was supervised by Tom Ford, we can anticipate an exquisite fragrance, in this case a minimalist chic that “perfectly captures the myth of a generation” […]

Tom Ford Private Blend Tuscan Leather – A Classic Leather Perfume

Tom Ford Private Blend Tuscan Leather_100ml_EdP

Tuscan Leather is one of the 12 fragrances presented in 2007 that inaugurated a luxury perfumery line from Tom Ford called Private Blend. As part of the leather olfactory group, this fragrance represents an elegant unisex scent, developed by two perfumers: Jacques Cavallier and Harry Fremont. The passion for quality and the exclusivist character of […]

Tom Ford Black Orchid Voile de Fleur – A Dark Sophisticated Style

Tom Ford Black Orchid Voile de Fleur_50ml_EdT

The moment I sniffed for the first time Black Orchid by Tom Ford, I instantly realized that I just founded the new perfume to be added in my wife’s collection. Redundant to say that her excitement was even bigger, hence I took the buying decision. Since at that time I wasn’t aware of the fact […]

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