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Naomi Goodsir Cuir Velours Review

Naomi Goodsir Cuir Velours_50ml_EdP

Towards the end of 2012 autumn, the world of perfumery witnessed the launch of two fresh perfumes: Cuir Velours and Bois d’Ascese from the Australian designer of hats Naomi Goodsir. At that time, while reading this news I was fascinated by the description of these essences, however I could not believed I was going to […]

Profumum Aquae Nobilis – A Fine Essence of the Masculine Perfumery

Profumum Aquae Nobilis_100ml_EdP

In light of the fact that I loved almost (with one exception: Santalum!) each and every one of Profumum fragrances sampled so far, I’m always filled with high expectations when it comes to review something so extraordinary. This time, is about Aquae Nobilis, a masculine perfume “par excellence” and one of the finest scents dedicated […]

Guerlain Vetiver – An All Time Classic in Its Category

Guerlain Vetiver_100ml_EdT

Every perfume has its time and for me, in spite of its all time classic aura, this is the moment for testing and talking about Guerlain’s Vetiver. The first fragrance developed by perfumer Jean Paul Guerlain (the great grandson of founder Pierre-François Pascal Guerlain!) Vetiver was released in 1959, geared towards the South African market, […]

Tom Ford Private Blend Oud Wood – An Aroma of Smoky Wood and Spices

Tom Ford Private Blend Oud Wood_50ml_EdP

There was a time when I was totally fascinated by every new launch in perfumery from Tom Ford and in spite of the fact that lately, my level of attraction for this brand has faded, I still perceive an olfactory pleasure every time I have a chance to sniff a Tom Ford fragrance. Oud Wood […]

Tom Ford Private Blend Neroli Portofino Collection

Tom Ford Private Blend Neroli Portofino Collection_50ml_EdP

Everytime I write a post about Tom Ford is quite challenging because I like all his creations and sometimes the words fail to convey the emotions and sensations perceived while smelling the scents. I had the pleasure to sniff Neroli Portofino Collection last summer in Barcelona and the sensation was so intense that I would […]

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