Thierry Mugler Fragrances

Thierry Mugler Alien Essence Absolue – Deluxe Scent for a Modern Woman

Thierry Mugler Alien Essence Absolue_60ml_EdP

Although it has not yet reached its 10th anniversary, Alien from Thierry Mugler is already a classic. As a result, any flanker that arrives on the market makes me questioning its quality and that’s exactly what happened with Alien Essence Absolue. Fortunately, this was not the case, because the most recent flanker of 2005’s Alien […]

Thierry Mugler Innocent – The Trigger of Childhood Memories

Thierry Mugler Innocent_75ml_EdP

Following the huge success of Angel, Innocent arrived on the market in 1998 as a feminine oriental vanilla fragrance. Apart from the very suggestive name, this perfume was imagined as a trigger of childhood’s happiness and temptations, while being advertised on the official website as “an airy fragrance that unfolds into a sparkling and delectable […]

Thierry Mugler Ice*Men – A Shot of Glacial Energy

Thierry Mugler IceMen_100ml_EdT

Thierry Mugler’s Ice*Men is one more iteration in the popular A*Men line of masculine fragrances, which was introduced in the year 1996. This new perfume arrived on the market in September 2007 (April in Europe!), was developed by perfumer Jacques Huclier and belongs to the woody aromatic olfactory group, having a structure based on the […]

B*Men Thierry Mugler – Inspired by Superheroes

BMen Thierry Mugler_50ml_EdT

B*Men was introduced by Thierry Mugler in 2004, reportedly as a perfume that found its source of inspiration in the superheroes described by the comic books. As the second superhero with supernatural powers, the first being A*Men, this fresh and woody fragrance comes as an evidence of Thierry Mugler’s childhood passion for comic books and […]

A*Men Thierry Mugler – Characterized by Determination

AMen Thierry Mugler_50ml_EdT

Four years after the huge success of Angel, Thierry Mugler presented its masculine counterpart, an oriental woody fragrance called A*Men. The perfumed launched in 1996 and developed by perfumer Jacques Huclier was built upon “a natural sense of challenge” as described on the official website. As a consequence, approximately one year ago, Thierry Mugler announced […]

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