Sandalwood Fragrances

Dior Dolce Vita – A Passion for Good Life

Dior Dolce Vita_50ml_EdT

I remember seeing the ad print for Dolce Vita in a magazine at the end of the ‘90’s, a period when the fine art of perfumery was not the first on my list of priorities. Back then, this perfume seemed to have a distant type of elegance that was definitely perceived wrong by me. Arrived […]

Carthusia Uomo – A Refined Essence

Carthusia Uomo_EdP

Since the first sniff of the most representative fragrances made by Carthusia (it happened more than 3 years ago!) I was captivated by Numero Uno and want it badly. Luckily, exactly one year ago I managed to purchase it and I still have a quarter left in the 50 ml bottle. Afterwards, my fascination grew […]

Chic Shaik No. 70 – The Pleasure of Leading an Unrestrained Life

Chic Shaik No. 70_80ml_EdP

A couple of months ago I was reading about a very rare and interesting scent, created by Shaik and named Chic Shaik. Due to its very selective distribution I imagined I will never have an opportunity to sniff it, however, lucky for me, this Saturday the dream became reality and I enjoyed the aroma of […]

Versace Blue Jeans – A Flamboyant Style

Versace Blue Jeans_75ml_EdT

Blue Jeans was introduced by Versace in 1994, as an ostentatious oriental woody masculine fragrance, developed by perfumer Jean-Pierre Bethouart. The scent was launched alongside its feminine counterpart, Red Jeans, both of them being inspired by the late Gianni Versace. Having an image that does not go along with my taste, Versace Blue Jeans is […]

Very Valentino for Men – Discrete and Self-Confident

Very Valentino for Men_EdT

Very Valentino for Men arrived on the market in 1999, one year after its feminine counterpart. As an oriental woody fragrance developed by perfumer Harry Fremont, Very Valentino for Men has an air of mystery and seduction that acts as a special charm for this creation. It’s a shame that in 2010, as part of […]

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