Rosendo Mateu Fragrances

Antonio Banderas Mediterraneo – The Mediterranean Fragrance

Antonio Banderas Mediterraneo_50ml_EdT

Mediterraneo is the second major masculine fragrance line from Antonio Banderas (actually is the fifth, if we take into account 1999’s Diavolo per Donna and 2000’s Diavolo Temptation for Men and for Women!). Introduced in 2001 and developed by perfumer Rosendo Mateu, Mediterraneo is described as a woody aromatic. The official website mentions the phrase […]

Paco Rabanne XS – Intense Sensuality

Paco Rabanne XS_100ml_EdT

XS represented the stating point for all the current iterations in perfumery from the house of Paco Rabanne. Introduced in 1993 as a masculine woody floral musk, XS is the result of a creation process developed by perfumers Rosendo Mateu and Gerard Anthony. A classic example of a perfume whose fame was exceeded by its […]

Antonio Banderas Diavolo – Playing a Mischievous Part

Antonio Banderas Diavolo_100ml_EdT

Back in 1997 (it seems such a long time ago, doesn’t it?), when Diavolo was launched, it was a n olfactory reference among my circle of acquaintances. Not solely due the fact that this was the debut fragrance from the famous Spanish actor and director Antonio Banderas, but it was also a consequence of the […]

CH Carolina Herrera – The Perfume of a Lifestyle Brand

CH Carolina Herrera_100ml_EdT

CH marks the preview of a lifestyle brand from Carolina Herrera and represents an olfactory trip into the universe of this fashion house, a world filled with elegance and extravagance. While the motivation for creating the fragrance is found in the official website that mentions “Because any moment can be a Carolina Herrera moment”, the […]

212 Men Carolina Herrera – The Attractive Male Essence

212 Men Carolina Herrera_50ml_EdT

Launched by Carolina Herrera in 1999, two years after its feminine counterpart, 212 Men is a woody floral musk fragrance, developed by perfumers Alberto Morillas, Rosendo Mateu and Ann Gottlieb. The targeted customer is represented by the gentle young man who has the advantage of a classic spirit. This man would not give up the […]

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