Refined Elegance Fragrances

Bandit de Robert Piguet – Perfect for The Naughty Girl

Bandit de Robert Piguet_50ml_EdP

Robert Piguet is a famous French designer who established his house in 1933. The man who was considered “the most Parisian of fashion designers” passed away in 1953, two years after closing the fashion house, however the rights for the fragrance business have since passed through several hands, to finish by being currently in the […]

Dior Homme Sport – The Smart Casual Fragrance

Dior Homme Sport_EdT

This new sporty fragrance from Dior is aimed at the active men. After the successful inauguration of the Dior Homme line in 2005 with Dior Homme and the sequel Dior Homme Intense from 2007, here comes the third part of the series, Dior Homme Sport, arrived on the market in 2008. This woody aromatic masculine […]

Carthusia 1681 – The Scent of Exquisite Complexity

Carthusia 1681_EdP

Each scent launched by my favorite perfume house, Carthusia, represents a sheer olfactory pleasure. And if the fragrance benefits as well from an interesting story behind its development, the more intense is the excitement. 1681 is a fragrance for men belonging to the aromatic spicy olfactory group which was introduced by Carthusia in the year […]

Estée Lauder Pleasures For Men – Confines the Best Moments of Your Life

Estée Lauder Pleasures For Men_100ml_EdC

A scent that is deemed as a classic from Estée Lauder collection, Pleasures For Men arrived on the market in 1998. And 4 years later, in 2002, I have discovered it by way of an After-Shave Balm received as a gift. The type of aromatic spicy fragrance designed for the hedonist that looks for the […]