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Profumum Fumidus Review

Profumum Fumidus_100ml_EdP

Those of you that have been reading here since the beginnings have probably figured out that I’m a fan of Profumum and their special essences. That is exactly why, every time I discover some new (for me!) perfume, I become interested in a test. And, after testing seven of the Profumum line of fragrances, I […]

Profumum Aquae Nobilis – A Fine Essence of the Masculine Perfumery

Profumum Aquae Nobilis_100ml_EdP

In light of the fact that I loved almost (with one exception: Santalum!) each and every one of Profumum fragrances sampled so far, I’m always filled with high expectations when it comes to review something so extraordinary. This time, is about Aquae Nobilis, a masculine perfume “par excellence” and one of the finest scents dedicated […]

Keiko Mecheri Oliban – Intense and Unmistakable

Keiko Mecheri Oliban_75ml_EdP

There is always a feeling of contentment the moment you realize one of your intuitions came true. And this is part of the human nature, so I see no point in denying it. This time, is about my abiding passion for incense and the fragrance that were shaped with this unmistakable note in the composition. […]

Profumum Victrix – Sharing Memories from the Ancient Rome

Profumum Victrix_100ml_EdP

When was the last time you tested a fragrance that smelled so masculine while being infused with the aroma of an historical city? In my case, the first part of the phrase matches with the moment when I sampled No. 03 from Andy Tauer, called Lonestar Memories (I would describe this as Lonesome Rider, sic!), […]

Heeley Cardinal – The Patriarchal Smoke of Relaxation

Heeley Cardinal_100ml_EdP

Since almost a month ago, my abiding passion for incense-based fragrances received a new coordinate: Cardinal by Heeley. The fact is that I was so thrilled by my discovery, that I instantly placed it right after my trusted benchmark, Olibanum from Profumum. And I know that soon after purchasing Olibanum, Cardinal will follow inevitably. Heeley […]

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