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Valentino Valentina – Sophisticated and Seductive

Valentino Valentina_50ml_EdP

Arrived on the market in September 2011, Valentina is the first fragrance presented by Valentino under their new arrangement with Puig. As I’m sure you already know, previously, the Valentino perfumes were produced by Unilever and Procter & Gamble from 2005 since 2010 and regrettably, as reported, all the earlier scent were discontinued. Fronted by […]

Valentino Eau de Parfum – A Chic Feminine Fragrance

Valentino Eau de Parfum_50ml_EdP

Valentino Eau de Parfum was a perfume introduced by the Italian fashion house back in 2009. And I said “was” because reportedly, as part of the new deal with Puig, established in 2010, all the previous fragrances of the company produced under the license of Unilever and then Procter & Gamble were discontinued. Anyway, this […]

Valentino V – The Power of Seduction

Valentino V_EdP

Valentino V is a feminine floral woody musk fragrance introduced in March 2005 and developed by famous perfumer Alberto Morillas. At that time, the scent marked the first effect of the cooperation between Valentino and Procter & Gamble in the fragrance business; since then in 2010, Valentino perfume business passed to Puig and reportedly all […]

Very Valentino for Men – Discrete and Self-Confident

Very Valentino for Men_EdT

Very Valentino for Men arrived on the market in 1999, one year after its feminine counterpart. As an oriental woody fragrance developed by perfumer Harry Fremont, Very Valentino for Men has an air of mystery and seduction that acts as a special charm for this creation. It’s a shame that in 2010, as part of […]

Baldessarini Del Mar Caribbean – A Voyage to an Exotic Location

Baldessarini Del Mar Caribbean_90ml_EdT

Del Mar Caribbean was introduced in 2007, as a flanker to 2005’s Baldesarini Del Mar, this symbolizing  the debut of a series of fragrances that continued one year later with Del Mar Marbella Edition (my personal favorite, still have in my collection, although it’s almost empty) and in 2009 with Del Mar Seychelles Limited Edition. […]

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