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Amouage Interlude Man – The Sweet Approach on Incense

Amouage Interlude Man_EdP

While reading in June about the upcoming launch of a new perfume from the Oman-based luxury perfume house Amouage, and discovering the accord of incense amongst its ingredients, I decided that this should be my future review on one of the Amouage products. Of course, I also lacked Lyric Man from my olfactory experiences therefore […]

Calvin Klein Encounter – The Aroma of a Young Generation

Calvin Klein Encounter_50ml_EdT

It seems that the creative team from the Calvin Klein’s fragrance department has been in a blackout for the last couple of years, because I can not remember a single one perfume (at least a masculine one!) that was worthy of a little attention, not to mention any able to enter a “to buy list”. […]

Ralph Lauren Polo Black – Perfect in Every Detail

Ralph Lauren Polo Black_125ml_EdT

Since more than 10 years ago, Ralph Lauren has become a reference for me, in a way that I love nearly all of their masculine creations, perhaps with minor exceptions. And given that the brand’s involvement in the perfumery business was more than inspired, I waited with impatience every new perfume launch. Arrived on the […]

Donna Karan DKNY Be Delicious Men – The Fragrance that Evokes New York

Donna Karan DKNY Be Delicious Men_EdT

“Smells like apples” and “The Big Apple” and 2 phrases that capture the essence of DKNY Be Delicious Men. The fragrance from Donna Karan was introduced in 2005, as a woody aromatic developed by perfumers Olivier Gillotin and Pierre Negrin. A little bothered by the shape of its bottle (at that time I could not […]

Z Zegna Ermenegildo Zegna – Dynamic, Yet Preserving the Classic Side

Z Zegna Ermenegildo Zegna_EdT

Ermenegildo Zegna is one of my favorite designers and this is sustained not solely by the fact that I bought myself 2 fragrances from this house over the years (Essenza di Zegna and Zegna Intenso). On top of that, last summer, during my vacation in Barcelona I sampled the latest creation from Zegna, called Zegna […]

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