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Escada by Escada – A Feminine Fragrance like a Jewel

Escada by Escada_30ml_EdP

The first perfume called Escada, from the German fashion house with the same name was released in 1990 and reportedly it is currently under production. These days, some retailers call it Escada Signature, while others mention the name Escada Crystal, upon referring to it. Nevertheless, this is not the topic of this post, because today […]

Montblanc Individuel – The Exotic Touch of Black Chocolate

Montblanc Individuel_75ml_EdT

Montblanc Individuel was introduced in 2003 as an oriental fougere masculine fragrance, developed by perfumer Pierre Bourdon. This perfume was aimed at an exceptional man and in order to shape such a special character has resorted to a large number of ingredients. Four years ago, while testing the newly launched (at that time!) Homme Exceptionnel, […]

Ferre for Men Gianfranco Ferre – Elegance Conferred by the Black Iris Flower

Ferre for Men Gianfranco Ferre_100ml_EdT

Preceding with 2 years the popular Acqua Azzurra, Gianfranco Ferre’s Ferre for Men was launched in 2006. The scent belongs to the woody floral musk olfactory group and was developed by perfumer Pierre Bourdon, being centered on the accord of black iris, as a masculine counterpart of 2005’s Ferre Eau de Parfum. Ferre for Men […]

Dior Dolce Vita – A Passion for Good Life

Dior Dolce Vita_50ml_EdT

I remember seeing the ad print for Dolce Vita in a magazine at the end of the ‘90’s, a period when the fine art of perfumery was not the first on my list of priorities. Back then, this perfume seemed to have a distant type of elegance that was definitely perceived wrong by me. Arrived […]

Salvatore Ferragamo Tuscan Soul – A Trip to Tuscany

Salvatore Ferragamo Tuscan Soul_125ml_EdT

Tuscan Soul was introduced in September 2008 and it was available right away, therefore I had the chance to sample it very soon following the launch. This unisex citrus aromatic fragrance was developed by perfumer Pierre Bourdon and represents the Ferragamo olfactory version with respect to the essence of Tuscany, a re-interpretation of the citrus […]

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