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Paco Rabanne 1 Million Intense Review

Paco Rabanne 1 Million Intense_100ml_EdT

Those of you that come back here constantly will certainly remember that, on the occasion of reviewing Paco Rabanne’s 1 Million, I said some pretty bad things about it. Please don’t judge me for that, this is my opinion after all, but, as restitution for the many fans of this perfume, you might want to […]

Paco Rabanne Ultraviolet Man – Arresting a Male Sensuality

Paco Rabanne Ultraviolet Man_50ml_EdT

For those of you able to see beyond the aggressive marketing campaigns developed by Paco Rabanne in the last couple of years, this brand means more than the best-sellers bling-bling called 1 Million and Lady Million. There was a time (more than a decade ago!), when the fragrances produced by the Spanish cosmetic giant Puig […]

Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Men – The Spotlight of the Party

Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Men_100ml_EdT

In the last couple of years, the trend of bling-bling in perfumery has gained more and more fans, therefore the houses are attempting to honor the demand (which was, let’s be honest, generated by them in the first place!). So, after the huge success of 1 Million by Paco Rabanne, Carolina Herrera decided that they […]

Paco Rabanne XS Extreme Girl – For the Glowing Young Women

Paco Rabanne XS Extreme Girl_EdT

Arrived on the market in 2001, one year after its masculine counterpart (XS Extreme), the oriental spicy feminine fragrance was named simply XS Extreme Girl. In charge with the process of development were 2 perfumers: Emilie (Bevierre) Coppermann and Mark Buxton, while the scent was deemed as a limited edition one. The target group for […]

Paco Rabanne Pour Homme – A Fragrance that is Remarkably Masculine

Paco Rabanne Pour Homme_100ml_EdP

In the past days, I had the pleasure of sniffing a classic and one of the most interesting fragrances from the last 45 year. And on this particular occasion something else revealed to me as well. As you probably know by know, besides the incense based fragrances (which became an obsession for me lately!) I […]

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