Oud Wood Fragrances

Versace Pour Homme – A Signature Fragrance for Powerful Characters

Versace Pour Homme_50ml_EdT

“Dynamic and entrepreneurial, the Versace Pour Homme man communicates his forceful and passionate character through a decidedly masculine fragrance”. This is the description from the official website, which captures the spirit of this perfume. Introduced in 2008, Versace Pour Homme belongs to the aromatic fougere olfactory group and was developed by perfumer Alberto Morillas for […]

Nasomatto Duro – Tough and Extremely Persistent

Nasomatto Duro_30ml_ExdP

As the name implies, Duro (Italian for “tough”) aims at being the masculine perfume in its rawest form. And given that it was developed by Alessandro Gualtieri, the man behind the brand Nasomatto, I would expect no les, since his innovation is evident with each new launch. As I intended to sample Duro on my […]

Carner Barcelona Cuirs – Leather Wrapped in Smoke

Carner Barcelona Cuirs_100ml

When I discovered Carner Barcelona I was thrilled not solely due to the fact that Barcelona is my beloved city, but also because this niche house, established in 2010 by Sara Carner was aiming to embark us on a beautiful olfactory journey through a magnificent city. The official website features a statement from Sara Carner, […]

Fahrenheit Absolute Dior – Playing With Fire

Fahrenheit Absolute Dior_100ml

Although Fahrenheit from Dior is not among my favorite perfumes, I must admit that this is a great fragrance. And since it had to be at least one element in the Fahrenheit collection that goes fine with my taste, this one is Fahrenheit Absolute, a more intense and darker version of the original perfume, launched […]