Oriental Spicy Fragrances

Antonio Banderas The Golden Secret – Burning the Phases Really Fast

Antonio Banderas The Golden Secret_50ml_EdT

For me, the fragrances developed by Antonio Banderas (produced under an agreement with Puig Beauty, of course!) remain at the moment of Diavolo, the first release and probably one of the most successful, in spite of its obvious reference to Dior’s Fahrenheit. As a result, I’m not  following the new releases, except for situation like […]

Lubin Akkad – An Aroma of Amber Highlighted by Incense

Lubin Akkad_100ml_EdP

I was familiar with Lubin since the time I sniffed Idole de Lubin, a perfume which, in spite of its good references, did not managed to surprise me in any way. But, let’s not forget that Lubin is a classic French niche line (established in Paris in 1798!), therefore any new release that bears this […]

Amouage Lyric Man – A Deep Rose infused with Incense

Amouage Lyric Man_EdP

One more fragrance that becomes part of my relentless search for an ideal incense-based fragrance is Lyric Man from Amouage, a scent introduced in September 2008 (as usual at the same time with its feminine counterpart, Lyric Woman) and developed by perfumer Daniel Visentin (the other member of this pair was authored by Daniel Maurel). […]

Neela Vermeire Creations Trayee – A Complex Aromatherapy Fragrance

Neela Vermeire Creations Trayee_55ml_EdP

At the time I heard the name Neela Vermeire for the first time it was during a discussion with the owner of my favorite perfumery boutique, a place dedicated to artisanal perfumery and special perfumers. I confess that I was somewhat reluctant to her new discovery from the passed April and although she recommended me […]

Opulent Shaik No. 77 – The Luxurious Masculine Fragrance

Opulent Shaik No. 77_100ml_EdP

The olfactory creations from Designer Shaik are hard to get by  , therefore I recommend you to sample them at any time you are offered with his opportunity. I was lucky enough to test every one of their two masculine fragrances released so far, and subsequent to these tests I felt transported into an oriental […]

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