Olivier Polge Fragrances

Lancome La Vie Est Belle – Could Have Been a Contender

Lancome La Vie Est Belle_EdP

As a brand that I value considerably, Lancome comes directly associated in my mind with the cosmetic products (their revolutionary foundations, mascaras, and so on), but first and foremost are the fragrances (among which 1995’s Poeme and 2007’s Hypnose Homme stand on top of my personal preferences ). Having such a background, it is easy […]

Kenzo Power Cologne – A Clean Type of Fragrance

Kenzo Power Cologne_120ml_EdC

Arrived on the market one year later after the introduction of the original, Kenzo Power Cologne is a flanker to 2008’s Kenzo Power, a perfume which enjoyed quite a high popularity. This new fragrance is a masculine citrus aromatic developed by perfumer Olivier Polge in the famous Kenzo minimalistic way, reprising the woody spicy facet […]

Burberry The Beat for Men – The Scent of a Generation

Burberry The Beat for Men_50ml_EdT

I like Burberry for what this represents in the fashion industry and in spite of this until present day I did not encounter any perfume able to inspire me a buying impulse. I admit that I wasn’t able to sniff their entire line of fragrances but, to my opinion Burberry scents are pleasant but, lack […]

Armani Code for Women Giorgio Armani – The Ideal Perfume for a Seductress

Armani Code for Women Giorgio Armani_50ml_EdP

The time when Armani Code arrived on the market it was also for me the moment of recognizing the importance of a “black perfume” in your wardrobe. The year was 2004 and at that time, Armani Code was introduced under the name Black Code. After a period of 2 years, its feminine counterpart, Armani Code […]

Gianfranco Ferré In the Mood for Love Tender – The Soft Green Fruity Floral Perfume

Gianfranco Ferré In the Mood for Love Tender_50ml_EdT

Arrived on the market in April 2011 as a floral fruity feminine scent, In the Mood for Love Tender is a flanker to 2009’s In the Mood for Love. The fragrance was developed by perfumer Alienor Massenet and is a combination of citrus, green and musky accords. As I told you here earlier, two years […]

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