Nasomatto Fragrances

YOSH Sombre Negra Review

YOSH Sombre Negra_50ml_EdP

Sombre Negra is one of my most recent discoveries in the category of the special fragrances that aren’t for everyone. And here I’m referring to the scents that do not appeal to the large mass of customers. Manufactured by YOSH, a niche house founded by botanical perfumer Yosh Han and based in San Francisco, Sombre […]

Nasomatto Black Afgano – The Unconventional Aroma

Nasomatto Black Afgano_30ml_ExdP

When I read about the upcoming launch of Black Afgano, imagined by Alessandro Gualtieri having cannabis as the main ingredient I was puzzled, partly because of his unorthodox choice, but mainly due to the perfume’s color, which was announced as dark. Imagine a stain of perfume that could last a couple of days and the […]

Nasomatto Absinth – Makes You Impulsive

Nasomatto Absinth_30ml

Nasomatto is a niche fragrance house founded in 2008 by Alessandro Gualtieri and based in Amsterdam. The creator experienced a vision, according to which “I begin to make something but at a certain point, it starts making choices by itself. It is the process that interests and guides me. I like the feeling of loosing […]