Middle East Fragrances

Chic Shaik No. 70 – The Pleasure of Leading an Unrestrained Life

Chic Shaik No. 70_80ml_EdP

A couple of months ago I was reading about a very rare and interesting scent, created by Shaik and named Chic Shaik. Due to its very selective distribution I imagined I will never have an opportunity to sniff it, however, lucky for me, this Saturday the dream became reality and I enjoyed the aroma of […]

Amouage Epic Man – A Beautiful Arabic Tale

Amouage Epic Man_EdP

The contribution of the Arabic chemistry in the progress of Western perfumery is a fact and in light of this, the story of Amouage comes as a special one. In spite of its fresh history, the luxury perfumery house established in 1983 by the Sultan of Oman, intended clearly from the beginning to restore the […]