Max Gavarry Fragrances

Dolce&Gabbana D&G Feminine – Designed for the Young Generation

Dolce&Gabbana D&G Feminine_50ml_EdT

D&G Feminine arrived on the market in 1999, together with its masculine counterpart, D&G Masculine, as a fragrant pair aimed at the new generation. Developed by perfumers Nathalie Lorson and Max Gavarry, this floral woody musk fragrance is quite complicated to decode. As an aside, it seems that lately D&G Feminine has been discontinued, but […]

Dolce&Gabbana D&G Masculine – For the Young and Beautiful

Dolce&Gabanna D&G Masculine_100ml_EdT

D&G Masculine arrived on the market in 1999, as a woody aromatic fragrance developed by perfumer Max Gavarry. Together with its feminine counterpart D&G Feminine, the scent was introduced as a fragrance pair, those embodying Dolce&Gabbana’s vision over the preferences of youngsters. Five years subsequent to the launch I finally tested and taking into account […]