Maurer & Wirtz Fragrances

Boss Nuit Pour Femme Hugo Boss – The Right Accessory for the Little Black Dress

Boss Nuit Pour Femme Hugo Boss_30ml_EdP

Hugo Boss has always been, in my opinion, a benchmark for the masculine style, promoting the type of fashion that relies on classic elegance for conveying something more than an imposing attitude. Apart from the fact that its German DNA proved to be a convincing argument for men during the past couple of years (after […]

Baldessarini Del Mar Caribbean – A Voyage to an Exotic Location

Baldessarini Del Mar Caribbean_90ml_EdT

Del Mar Caribbean was introduced in 2007, as a flanker to 2005’s Baldesarini Del Mar, this symbolizing  the debut of a series of fragrances that continued one year later with Del Mar Marbella Edition (my personal favorite, still have in my collection, although it’s almost empty) and in 2009 with Del Mar Seychelles Limited Edition. […]