Masculinity Fragrances

Obsession for men Calvin Klein – The Definition of Classic

Obsession for men Calvin Klein_125ml

To be able to share with you my impressions on this special scent, I have to go back in time to the day I sampled it for the first time. The year was 2008 and back then, it did not succeed to capture my interest. Perhaps this got something to do with the fact that […]

Fahrenheit Absolute Dior – Playing With Fire

Fahrenheit Absolute Dior_100ml

Although Fahrenheit from Dior is not among my favorite perfumes, I must admit that this is a great fragrance. And since it had to be at least one element in the Fahrenheit collection that goes fine with my taste, this one is Fahrenheit Absolute, a more intense and darker version of the original perfume, launched […]

Lancome Hypnose Homme – Sensuality in a Bottle

Lancome Hypnose Homme_50ml

Following its feminine version from 2005, Hypnose Homme arrived on the market in 2007 as the most expected launch from Lacome since 2001’s Miracle Homme. For achieving total success, Lancome has employed the charismatic British actor Clive Owen, as the symbol of what Hypnose Homme stands for: magic, power, sensuality. And I could say that […]

Fahrenheit Christian Dior Fragrance Review

Fahrenheit Dior_200ml

There was a time when you could smell Fahrenheit on everybody and this is also true these days. And, even tough this woody floral musk introduced in 1998 is not on my favorite list, I must admit that it is a legendary fragrance that earned its spot in the heart of perfume fans. Imagined as […]