Limited Edition Fragrances

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Silver My Skin – The Limited Edition Collector Bottle

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Silver My Skin_125ml_EdT

My wife is a long-time fanatic of Classique and because over the years I had several occasions for sampling Le Male over my skin, situations in which my interest ranged from “oversweet” to “nice” and finally “worth-a-buy-interesting”, at this moment every new launch from Jean Paul Gaultier is a “must test” for me. Last summer […]

Cacharel Amor Amor Sunrise – The Fresh Accessory for Hot Summer

Cacharel Amor Amor Sunrise_50ml_EdT

In 2003, when Cacharel presented Amor Amor, they inaugurated a large opportunity for flankers, given that such type of classic perfume is not supposed to rely solely on its success. As a result, the market was invaded with a lot of variations having as starting point this beguiling feminine fragrance. Much later, in March 2009, […]

Yves Saint Laurent Opium Eau d’Orient pour Homme – The Spicy Facet of the East

Yves Saint Laurent Opium Eau d'Orient pour Homme_100ml_EdT

Opium is one reference fragrance in the YSL portfolio of perfumes, with a history that turned it into the favorite subject for many follow-ups. One of these series of flankers is represented by the fragrant pair from 2006, announced as a limited edition variation of the original and named Opium Eau d’Orient Fleur Imperiale, the […]

Ermenegildo Zegna Z Zegna Extreme – The Intense Facet of a Masculine Fragrance

Ermenegildo Zegna Z Zegna Extreme_100ml_EdT

After the popular Z Zegna from 2005, Ermenegildo Zegna introduced in September 2007 a new flanker, the type of masculine woody spicy christened with the name Z Zegna Extreme. This limited edition fragrance was developed by perfumer Antoine Lie and was advertised with the tagline “an absolute of Z Zegna” and “a new interpretation, intense […]

Armani Code Sport Athlete Giorgio Armani – Dedicated to London 2012 Olympic Games

Armani Code Sport Athlete Giorgio Armani_75ml_EdT

Another perfume in this year series of sport-related fragrances, Armani Code Sport Athlete was presented by Giorgio Armani in May 2012, as a flanker to 2011’s Armani Code Sport, at its turn a flanker to 2004’s Armani Code. Reportedly imagined as a celebration for London 2012 Olympic Games and rendering a tribute to “sporting heroes”, […]

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