Leather Fragrances

Carner Barcelona Cuirs – Leather Wrapped in Smoke

Carner Barcelona Cuirs_100ml

When I discovered Carner Barcelona I was thrilled not solely due to the fact that Barcelona is my beloved city, but also because this niche house, established in 2010 by Sara Carner was aiming to embark us on a beautiful olfactory journey through a magnificent city. The official website features a statement from Sara Carner, […]

Habit Rouge Guerlain Fragrance Review

Habit Rouge Guerlain_100ml

A classic essence will always maintain its strong appeal and when that classic fragrance comes associated with the tradition of a noble sport activity, the equitation, then it magnifies its attraction. And the fact is that Habit Rouge is strongly bounded by the core value of this beautiful sport and the attributes which constitute its […]

Cuir L.T. Piver Review

Cuir LT Piver_100ml

L.T. Piver is one of the legendary perfumery houses having a history of more than 2 centuries, which was established by Louis Toussaint Piver in 1774. The history that began during the Royal Court of King Louis XVI is continued today by the refined perfumery that became a characteristic of L.T. Piver Perfume House. And […]

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