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Lancome La Vie Est Belle – Could Have Been a Contender

Lancome La Vie Est Belle_EdP

As a brand that I value considerably, Lancome comes directly associated in my mind with the cosmetic products (their revolutionary foundations, mascaras, and so on), but first and foremost are the fragrances (among which 1995’s Poeme and 2007’s Hypnose Homme stand on top of my personal preferences ). Having such a background, it is easy […]

Lancome Miracle – Characterized by an Energetic Facet

Lancome Miracle_50ml_EdP

One of Lancome’s classics, Miracle was introduced in 2000, as a feminine floral fruity developed by perfumers Alberto Morillas and Harry Fremont. Fronted by American actress and model Uma Thurman, Miracle is characterized by an energetic facet which created an aura of wonder around the perfume. The video advertisement was directed by Iranian-French cinematographer Darius […]

Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose – A Playful Feminine Character

Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose_75ml_EdP

As a new flanker to the classic 1990’s edition Tresor (the original perfume with this name being launched in 1952!), Tresor Midnight Rose is a fragrance that, as portrayed in the official website embodies “mischievous femininity: its rose becomes playful, driven by delicious tangy raspberry notes, wooden shimmers and voluptuous vanilla notes”. Associated with the […]

Lancome Hypnose Senses – A Playful Fragrance Filled with Sensuality

Lancome Hypnose Senses_EdP

Exactly two years ago, in June 2009, a new flanker to 2005’s Hypnose was introduced by Lancome. Only the third (until this time!) on the list, Hypnose Senses followed the 2007’s Eau Legere and 2008’s Hypnotizing Elixir and was described on the official website as “a playful sensual fragrance that is worn as a second […]

Lancome Hypnose Homme Eau Fraiche – The Fresh Aroma of Lavender

Lancome Hypnose Homme Eau Fraiche_75ml_EdT

Hypnose Homme Eau Fraiche is a flanker to 2007’s Hypnose Homme, a soft version of the most important men line from Lancome since 2001’s Miracle Homme. Arrived on the market in 2008, this woody aromatic fragrance is based on lavender as “a symbol of modernity and originality”, according to the description from the press release. […]

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