Kenzo Fragrances

Kenzo Flower Tag – An Expression of Urban Femininity

Kenzo Flower Tag_EdP

One of the fragrances that I wanted to sample in the last couple of months was Flower Tag from Kenzo. As a result, you imagine that as soon as I glimpsed it on the shelves of Sephora that feature novelties, I urged my wife to help me (again!) with the testing procedure. We sampled the […]

Kenzo Pour Homme Once Upon a Time – The Aroma of a Classic Fragrance

Kenzo Pour Homme Once Upon a Time_100ml_EdT

Kenzo is one of the fashion houses that have something to say in the perfumery business, due to the fact that originality and innovation represent one of their main assets. Therefore I tried to sample the Kenzo perfumes, every time the opportunity occurred, and taking into account that one of their most recent creations was […]

Kenzo Power Cologne – A Clean Type of Fragrance

Kenzo Power Cologne_120ml_EdC

Arrived on the market one year later after the introduction of the original, Kenzo Power Cologne is a flanker to 2008’s Kenzo Power, a perfume which enjoyed quite a high popularity. This new fragrance is a masculine citrus aromatic developed by perfumer Olivier Polge in the famous Kenzo minimalistic way, reprising the woody spicy facet […]

Kenzo L’Eau 2 Kenzo Pour Homme – The Energizing Aroma of Citruses

Kenzo L'Eau 2 Kenzo Pour Homme_50ml_EdT

If you love citruses, you will adore the fragrant pair called L’Eau 2 Kenzo and introduced in May this year as flankers to L’Eau 2 Kenzo, Pour Femme and Pour Homme from 1996 and 1999 respectively. Because I liked the original masculine version, which brought innovation into the olfactory concept 13 years ago, I wanted […]

Flower by Kenzo – The Minimalistic Feminine Fragrance

Flower by Kenzo_100ml_EdP

Flower is precious oriental floral feminine fragrance from Kenzo, perhaps the most popular in its category, built around the poppy note, or, according to the description from the official website, “a poppy with a powdery floral scent, lively and sensual”. Arrived on the market in 2000, the scent was developed by perfumer Alberto Morillas, who […]

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