Kenneth Cole Fragrances

Kenneth Cole Black for Her – Dressed for the Night

Kenneth Cole Black for Her_EdP

Arrived on the market in 2004 as the second feminine fragrance from the Kenneth Cole brand, Black for Her is an interesting floral, developed by perfumer Marie Amandine. The scent was introduced one year after the release of its masculine counterpart, which enjoyed quite a large popularity. In fact, at that time, I strongly considered […]

Kenneth Cole Signature – Reflecting Your Personality

Kenneth Cole Signature_50ml_EdT

Signature was introduced by Kenneth Cole in September 2005, as a woody spicy masculine fragrance, developed by perfumer Frank Voelkl. The two attributes that represent this perfume are luxury and sensuality. Signature is the type of scent that is supposedly reflecting your personality and exhibits a complex character, the result being a pleasant aroma that […]

Kenneth Cole RSVP – An Olfactory Invitation

Kenneth Cole RSVP_100ml_EdT

RSVP was introduced by Kenneth Cole in 2007 as a woody floral musk masculine fragrance, developed by perfumer Frank Voelkl. The name of the perfume represents an acronym coming from the French expression “répondez s’il vous plaît” and it means “please respond”. This invitation launched by Kenneth exhibits an interesting contrast between its accords, and […]

Kenneth Cole Reaction – The Relaxed Attitude

Kenneth Cole Reaction_100ml_EdT

Kenneth Cole fragrances are usually hard to find on the perfumery shelves. As a result, every time I had the chance to test a fragrance launched by this American designer I didn’t think twice. That’s exactly what happened with Reaction, a citrus aromatic fragrance for men introduced in 2004 and developed by perfumer Frank Voelkl. […]

Kenneth Cole Black – The Masculine Scent of Elegance

Kenneth Cole Black_100ml_EdT

Back in 2004, I got together with a friend that had recently returned from a visit to a Middle East country. Since he was passionate about his colognes and also because I liked the sillage of his scent, I asked him what he was wearing. The answer came puzzling: Black from Kenneth Cole. And he […]