Keiko Mecheri Fragrances

Keiko Mecheri Les Zazous Review

Keiko Mecheri Les Zazous_75ml_EdP

The moment I sampled Oliban from Keiko Mecheri I knew that, due to its appeal, I will need to return to this house for at least a couple of samplings. Since then, I managed to sniff one interesting scent from their recent collection called Bespoke (Cuir Fauve), but there was one pending, that got me […]

Keiko Mecheri Bespoke Cuir Fauve Review

Keiko Mecheri Bespoke Cuir Fauve_50ml_EdP

Presented in March 2012 as part of the Keiko Mecheri new line called “La Collection Bespoke”, Cuir Fauve is an interesting leather fragrance. Too bad I tested the same day with Cuir Velours, because, as much as I liked Keiko Mecheri’s creation, the perfume by Naomi Goodsir won my admiration, as perhaps the best leather […]

YOSH Sombre Negra Review

YOSH Sombre Negra_50ml_EdP

Sombre Negra is one of my most recent discoveries in the category of the special fragrances that aren’t for everyone. And here I’m referring to the scents that do not appeal to the large mass of customers. Manufactured by YOSH, a niche house founded by botanical perfumer Yosh Han and based in San Francisco, Sombre […]

Keiko Mecheri Oliban – Intense and Unmistakable

Keiko Mecheri Oliban_75ml_EdP

There is always a feeling of contentment the moment you realize one of your intuitions came true. And this is part of the human nature, so I see no point in denying it. This time, is about my abiding passion for incense and the fragrance that were shaped with this unmistakable note in the composition. […]

Tauer Perfumes No. 02 L’Air du Desert Marocain – For the Passionate People

Tauer Perfumes No. 02 L'Air du Desert Marocain_50ml_EdT

Over the extended weekend I had 2 interesting revelations. First, as I mentioned here earlier, for my next perfume I was supposedly compelled to choose between Keiko Mecheri Oliban, SoOud Nur and Amouage Memoir Man. Last Friday, day 13, I made a decision, which surprisingly is none of the above mentioned scents. 1740 Marquis de […]