Jean-Marc Chaillan Fragrances

Calvin Klein Euphoria Men – Feeling like a State of Grace

Calvin Klein Euphoria Men_50ml_EdT

The house of Calvin Klein has exerted a constant attraction for me, and I’m not saying this because Obsession is one of my all time favorite perfumes. It is just due to the fact that over the time, I had a good number of Calvin Klein perfumes in my wardrobe, more than any other brand. […]

CK IN2U for Him Calvin Klein – Cool and Trendy

CK IN2U for Him Calvin Klein_150ml_EdT

CK IN2U for Him was introduced in 2007, together with its feminine counterpart CK IN2U for Her as a fragrant duo destined to replicate the huge popularity of 1994’s CK One. This time, instead of a shared fragrance, Calvin Klein imagined a dedicated pair, one for every gender. CK IN2U for Him Calvin Klein belongs […]

Baldessarini Hugo Boss – A Scent of Authenticity

Baldessarini Hugo Boss_75ml_EdC

At the moment Baldessarini was launched, I was in Barcelona and regrettably, I did not love it from the first sniff. Later, after the second and the third try, I perceived its true character and turned into a fan. The truth is that Baldessarini was quite different from anything found on the market in that […]

Carolina Herrera Chic For Men – Refined and Sophisticated

Carolina Herrera_60ml_EdT

Back in 2004, Carolina Herrera introduced a new fragrance, called Chic For Men, and at that time I was so obsessed with it, that in a period of two weeks subsequent to my first sampling of this new scent, I was already buying it. In that period, this was the only scent in my collection […]

Crave Calvin Klein – The Pure Masculine Scent

Crave Calvin Klein_75ml_EdT

Crave from Calvin Klein is the type of fragrance that is instantly adored. The scent was introduced in the last week of September, year 2002 and a couple of days later I was already buying it. Unfortunately, it seems that recently this sensual scent was discontinued, because is gets harder to find it. Crave is […]