Jean-Louis Sieuzac Fragrances

Christian Dior Dune – A Merger between Sand and the Ocean

Christian Dior Dune_50ml_EdT

Dune is the classic feminine fragrance from Dior, a perfume that was launched 1991 and still continues to amaze. The fragrance was introduced in 1991 as an oriental floral and by 1993 it received the FiFi Award for Women’s Fragrance of the Year in Limited Distribution. The fragrance was developed by Jean-Louis Sieuzac who managed […]

Opium Yves Saint Laurent – Addicted to Smell

Opium Yves Saint Laurent_EdT

A 1977 classic, Opium is an oriental spicy fragrance for women from Yves Saint Laurent that was developed by perfumers Jean Amic and Jean-Louis Sieuzac. As described on the official website Opium is “a window into an imaginary world. A spicy oriental harmony for extreme sensuality”. At the moment of its introduction, Opium represented an […]

Fahrenheit Christian Dior Fragrance Review

Fahrenheit Dior_200ml

There was a time when you could smell Fahrenheit on everybody and this is also true these days. And, even tough this woody floral musk introduced in 1998 is not on my favorite list, I must admit that it is a legendary fragrance that earned its spot in the heart of perfume fans. Imagined as […]