Jean-Claude Ellena Fragrances

Hermes Jour d’Hermes – Floral Green Aroma

Hermes Jour d'Hermes_125ml_EdP

I’ve always admired Hermes for their fabulous quality and the passion for details. This comes, in spite of the fact that, I never managed to buy at least one of their craftsmanship leather products. As for the fragrances, almost two years ago in Barcelona, I bought a masculine fragrance from Hermes (Rocabar) that, although it […]

Montblanc Legend Pour Femme – The Perfect Dosage of Elegance and Class

Montblanc Legend Pour Femme_50ml_EdP

When I urged my wife to sample Legend Pour Femme, the most recent feminine creation from Montblanc, I had no idea that I will appreciate this scent so much. Come to think about it, the most powerful reason behind my discovery is actually motivated by the fact that Legend Pour Femme is filled with elegance […]

Hermes Eau des Merveilles – The Water of Wonders

Hermes Eau des Merveilles_50ml_EdT

After being accustomed to the olfactory style of Jean-Claude Ellena (which captivated me only after Terre d’Hermès!) every fragrance introduced by Hermes prior to his arrival, represents for me an interesting quest. Eau des Merveilles arrived on the market in 2004, before the appointment of Jean-Claude Ellena as head perfumer for Hermes and on the […]

Cartier Declaration – Built on Contrasts

Cartier Declaration_30ml_EdT

Declaration is a masculine woody floral musk fragrance introduced in 1998 and developed by none other than the current head perfumer from Hermès, Jean-Claude Ellena. On the official website, the description mentions the phrases: “A fragrance for a man who knows what he wants, and knows what he feels” and “An unforgettable fragrance of emotions”. […]

Un jardin après la mousson Hermès – Refreshing Aroma

Un jardin après la mousson Hermès_100ml_EdT

Un jardin après la mousson is a re-interpretation of the collection started by Hermès in 2003 with Un Jardin en Méditerranée and continued in 2005 with Un Jardin sur le Nil. This fragrance was introduced in 2008 as a shared woody spicy developed by Hermès house perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena. Although initially I wasn’t urged to […]

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