Italian Fashion Fragrances

Diesel Fuel for Life Unlimited – The Passion Has No Limits

Diesel Fuel for Life Unlimited_75ml

The Italian fashion brand established in 1978 by Renzo Rosso, waited until 1996 for launching its first perfume that has a simple name Diesel and was a unisex fragrance, created together with German company Marbert. By 2006, Diesel had reached to an agreement with L’Oreal and since that period, all the launches in the beauty […]

Trussardi Donna 2011 – Modern Femininity

Trussardi Donna 2011_100ml

This new scent from the Italian fashion house of Trussardi has definitely caught my attention, upon its introduction. Trussardi Donna 2011 is destined to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the fashion house with the same name and was launched concomitantly with its masculine counterpart, Trussardi Uomo 2011. The new fragrance Trussardi Donna 2011 arrived on […]