Guerlain Fragrances

Profumum Aquae Nobilis – A Fine Essence of the Masculine Perfumery

Profumum Aquae Nobilis_100ml_EdP

In light of the fact that I loved almost (with one exception: Santalum!) each and every one of Profumum fragrances sampled so far, I’m always filled with high expectations when it comes to review something so extraordinary. This time, is about Aquae Nobilis, a masculine perfume “par excellence” and one of the finest scents dedicated […]

Guerlain Vetiver – An All Time Classic in Its Category

Guerlain Vetiver_100ml_EdT

Every perfume has its time and for me, in spite of its all time classic aura, this is the moment for testing and talking about Guerlain’s Vetiver. The first fragrance developed by perfumer Jean Paul Guerlain (the great grandson of founder Pierre-François Pascal Guerlain!) Vetiver was released in 1959, geared towards the South African market, […]

Jil Sander Man – The Minimalist Perfume

Jil Sander Man_90ml_EdT

Arrived on the market in September 2007, Jil Sander Man is a woody aromatic fragrance, developed by perfumers Thierry Wasser (currently house perfumer of Guerlain), at that time working for Firmenich and his colleague Annick Menardo. An epitome of the minimalistic perfume, Jil Sander Man embodies an enchanting scent that begins with a rectangular-shaped bottle […]

Guerlain Idylle Eau de Toilette – The Romantic Idea of an Idyll

Guerlain Idylle Eau de Toilette_EdT

October 2010 marks the arrival on the market of the new version of Guerlain’s Idylle, called Idylle Eau de Toilette. The feminine fragrance is described as a floral and according to the description from the official website “Thierry Wasser composed his bouquet like a florist, with a light, exuberant touch, to encapsulate the idea of […]

Jil Sander Man Absolute – Masculine Elegance with a Twist

Jil Sander Man Absolute_EdT

Man Absolute, a flanker to 2007’s Jil Sander Man was introduced in October 2008 as a woody aromatic masculine fragrance. Developed by the same perfumer who authored the original Jil Sander Man, and currently in-house perfumer for Guerlain, Thierry Wasser, this scent is “a self-evident interpretation of Jil Sander Man”, as described on the official […]

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