Green Apple Fragrances

Antonio Banderas The Golden Secret – Burning the Phases Really Fast

Antonio Banderas The Golden Secret_50ml_EdT

For me, the fragrances developed by Antonio Banderas (produced under an agreement with Puig Beauty, of course!) remain at the moment of Diavolo, the first release and probably one of the most successful, in spite of its obvious reference to Dior’s Fahrenheit. As a result, I’m not  following the new releases, except for situation like […]

Avon Signature – The Single Note Fragrance

Avon Signature_100ml_EdT

Signature from Avon is the fist fragrance in which I detected a single note from the beginning of its development stage until the end of it, in spite of its announced composition that included a trio made up of a top, heart and base note. Officially, Signature is classified as woody aromatic fragrance, but taking […]

Lacoste Style in Play – The Willpower to Succeed

Lacoste Style in Play_75ml_EdT

I admit that I’m not much of a Lacoste fanatic, mainly due to the fact that, most likely their fragrance style doesn’t suit me. However, Style in Play is the first fragrance from Lacoste in which I perceived something different. Introduced in 2004 as a masculine fragrance belonging to the woody floral musk olfactory group, […]

Guess Man – Bold and Seductive

Guess Man_75ml_EdT

Have you ever waited so long to test a fragrance that, when you finally had a chance to sample it, your total curiosity transformed into a platitude sentiment? That’s what happened to me with Guess Man. Introduced by the American fashion brand Guess in the year 2006, this fragrance has limited distribution; therefore I had […]

Hugo by Hugo Boss Review

Hugo by Hugo Boss 100ml

A classic fragrance from Hugo Boss, Hugo was introduced in 1995 and belongs to the family of aromatic green olfactory group. Conceived with a minimalistic design that aims at replicating the green of the forest, Hugo is a perfume for day to day, casual wear that turned into a classic over the years. Hugo was […]