Frankincense Fragrances

Olivier Durbano Black Tourmaline – For the Lovers of Incense

Olivier Durbano Black Tourmaline_100ml_EdP

One of the features that captured my attention in relation to Olivier Durbano’s olfactory creations was the fact that those are mainly based on incense. Later I found out that the house’s fragrances were inspired by a line of jewels called Bijoux de Pierres Poèmes (Stone Poem Jewels) and predictable, my first contact with the […]

Cacharel Amor pour Homme Tentation – An Object of Desire

Cacharel Amor pour Homme Tentation_EdT

As a flanker to 2006’s Amor pour Homme, the woody spicy fragrance called Amor pour Homme Tentation arrived on the market in August 2008. A creation of 2 perfumers Jacques Cavallier and Olivier Cresp, this fragrance was presented simultaneously with its feminine counterpart Amor Amor Tentation, as a more powerful version of Amor pour Homme. […]

Amouage Memoir Man – Bytes of Memory

Amouage Memoir Man_EdP

An exquisite representative of the leather olfactory group, Memoir Man was introduced by Amouage in September 2010, together with its feminine counterpart, Memoir Woman. Developed by perfumer Karine Vinchon, this fragrance represents a re-interpretation of the classic story between a man and a woman. The description on the official website mentions that “Resonating the fragments […]

Amouage Epic Man – A Beautiful Arabic Tale

Amouage Epic Man_EdP

The contribution of the Arabic chemistry in the progress of Western perfumery is a fact and in light of this, the story of Amouage comes as a special one. In spite of its fresh history, the luxury perfumery house established in 1983 by the Sultan of Oman, intended clearly from the beginning to restore the […]

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