Frankincense Fragrances

Serge Lutens L’Eau Froide – Expect Something Different

Serge Lutens L'Eau Froide_100ml_EdP

I yearned to sample L’Eau Froide since the mid of November last year, when I read in the news about the upcoming launch from Mr. Lutens. Categorized as an aromatic spicy unisex, L’Eau Froide was introduced that very month as a second fragrance from the L’Eau series (belonging to the export line) with a name […]

Montale Louban – The Subtle Aroma of Turkish Rose

Montale Louban_50ml_EdP

Although Louban is just the second fragrance I tested from Montale, I somehow felt let down, due to the fact that my expectations were high. I’m not saying Louban is a bad perfume, I simply state that, instead of a linear scent that develops with certain predictability, I would have imagined a more innovative fragrance. […]

Etro Messe de Minuit – The Purifying Incense from a Midnight Mass

Etro Messe de Minuit_50ml_EdT

In my quest for incense-based fragrances I made a recent discovery that makes me extremely happy because it stands quite close to Profumum’s Olibanum, my reference in the domain so far. The name of the house is Etro and the perfume is called Messe de Minuit, which I might say it was suggestively chosen, given […]

Olivier Durbano Heliotrope – Floral Accords Coupled with a Precious Mineral

Olivier Durbano Heliotrope_100ml_EdP

This post marks a premiere for me, because it is the first time that I’m sampling a perfume prior to its official launch. And this happened thanks to an artisanal perfumery boutique which for me, stands as a reference of how this businesses are supposed to be conducted. The fragrance in question is Heliotrope, the […]

Linari Fuoco Infernale – The Aroma of Burned Wood

Linari Fuoco Infernale_100ml_EdP

At the time of sampling Linari Fuoco Infernale, the most recent launch from Linari, I was under the impression (perhaps misled by the sales assistant, at whose suggestion I decided to test it in the first place!) that it was just another Italian house, because of the name’s Latin resonance. Then, to my pleasant surprise […]

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