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Le Male Summer Fragrance 2009 Jean Paul Gaultier – Cooling Accessory for the Heat

Le Male Summer Fragrance 2009 Jean Paul Gaultier_125ml_EdT

Since the introduction of Le Male in 1995, Jean Paul Gaultier has come up every year with a summer edition, designed for both men and women, in an intention to offer us some fresher versions of the originals (I’m referring also to Classique in here), to be better prepared for the summer. Le Male Summer […]

Eternity Summer 2007 Calvin Klein – Calming and Refreshing Summer Scent

Eternity Summer 2007 Calvin Klein_100ml_EdP

Arrived on the market 19 years subsequent to the original, Eternity Summer 2007 is a floral fruity fragrance for women, developed by perfumers Clement Gavarry and Pascal Guarin. As a flanker for the original Eternity, this scent is meant as a summer edition, ideal for torrid days in the sun. Moreover, launching a summer edition […]

Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl Summer 2011 – Floral Notes for a Warm Summer Morning

Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl Summer 2011_100ml_EdT

The special edition of Tommy Girl arrived on the market in February 2011. Tommy Girl Summer 2011 is a floral aquatic fragrance and a flanker for 1996 Tommy Girl. The fashion house which became famous for its classic American style does not innovate too much with this perfume. The composition is built around floral notes […]

Eternity for men Calvin Klein Fragrance Review

Eternity for men Calvin Klein_50ml

Similar to its feminine counterpart, Eternity for men from Calvin Klein represents a very green feeling. Introduced in 1990 and designed by Carlos Benaim, this is an aromatic fougere fragrance that reminds me of the time without end encountered in a green forest. Decomposed into its constituents, from the beginning I sensed the notes of […]

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