Firmenich Fragrances

Jil Sander Man – The Minimalist Perfume

Jil Sander Man_90ml_EdT

Arrived on the market in September 2007, Jil Sander Man is a woody aromatic fragrance, developed by perfumers Thierry Wasser (currently house perfumer of Guerlain), at that time working for Firmenich and his colleague Annick Menardo. An epitome of the minimalistic perfume, Jil Sander Man embodies an enchanting scent that begins with a rectangular-shaped bottle […]

Celine Dion Spring in Provence – The Aroma of Nature Coming to Life

Celine Dion Spring in Provence_50ml_EdT

Presented to the public in April 2009, Spring in Provence is a new limited edition fragrance from Celine Dion, described as a floral fruity with green accents. The source of inspiration that shaped this scent is easily derived from the brief description of the press release: “Provence in the spring… a magical journey for the […]

Trussardi Inside for Women – The Italian Elegance Coupled with Sensuality of the Human Skin

Trussardi Inside for Women_50ml_EdP

Inside for Women was introduced by Trussardi as a fragrant pair in November 2006, together with its masculine counterpart, Inside for Men. With an image characterized by elegance, both fragrances were imagined as a tribute to the tradition of the Italian house in fashion and as a result, leather is present as a recurrent theme […]

Trussardi Inside for Men – Sensual Italian Elegance

Trussardi Inside for Men_EdT

Inside for Men was introduced by Trussardi in 2006, as an oriental woody fragrance, developed by perfumer Nathalie Lorson from Firmenich. The fragrance was launched in the same time with its feminine counterpart and featured in a video commercial that emphasizes on the core values of this Italian brand: elegance, charisma and the domain of […]

Moschino Forever – The Image of the Italian Style

Moschino Forever_100ml_EdT

I always regarded the Moschino fragrances as something that is far from my personal taste in perfumery due to the brand’s image. However, when I read last year about the upcoming launch of Moschino Forever I felt I needed to sample it, to see if anything new happened. What you are about to read represents […]

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