Fifi Awards Fragrances

Intimately Beckham for Him – For a Night Full of Pleasure

Intimately Beckham for Him_75ml_EdT

Winner of the 2008’s Fifi Awards for “Fragrance of the Year Men’s Popular Appeal” and “Best Packaging Men’s Popular Appeal”, Intimately Beckham for Him was introduced in April 2006 as an aromatic fougere, catered to a limited audience. The perfume followed David Beckham’s debut fragrance, 2005’s Instinct and is part of a duo which included […]

Paco Rabanne Pour Homme – A Fragrance that is Remarkably Masculine

Paco Rabanne Pour Homme_100ml_EdP

In the past days, I had the pleasure of sniffing a classic and one of the most interesting fragrances from the last 45 year. And on this particular occasion something else revealed to me as well. As you probably know by know, besides the incense based fragrances (which became an obsession for me lately!) I […]

Marc Jacobs Lola – A Sensual Floral Bouquet

Marc Jacobs Lola_30ml_EdP

After the huge success of 2007’s Daisy, Marc Jacobs introduced a new fragrance called Lola. Arrived on the market in August 2009, Lola is targeted as a “confident and slightly vampy older sister” of Daisy, according to the description from the official press release. Moreover, the official website introduces Lola with the phrase: “sexy with […]

Marc Jacobs Bang – A Fragrance with Impact

Marc Jacobs Bang_100ml_EdT

Winner of the 2011 Fragrance Foundation’s FiFi Awards for Men’s Luxe Best Packaging, Bang was presented by Marc Jacobs in 2010, as a creation that will inaugurate a fresh masculine style. Built around the dominant accords of different varieties of pepper combined with sensual woods, Bang represents a woody spicy fragrance for men, developed by […]

Daisy Marc Jacobs – Strolling Into a Meadow of Daisies

Daisy Marc Jacobs_50ml_EdT

Winner of the 2008 Fragrance Foundation’s FiFi Awards for Women’s Luxe Fragrance of the Year and Women’s Prestige Best Packaging, Daisy is a floral woody musk fragrance introduced by Marc Jacobs in 2007 and developed by perfumer Alberto Morillas. This sophisticated creation of the famous Firmenich perfumer impresses by the chosen modality to employ the […]