FiFi Award Fragrances

Burberry Brit – The Elegant Scent for a Stylish Lady

Burberry Brit_50ml_EdP

There are times when you realize that you were too distracted by your quest for interesting perfumes, in such a way that made you disregard the fragrance which was all the time in front of you. A perfect example of this kind is Burberry Brit, my most recent discovery in the category of beguiling feminine […]

Dior Poison – The Fragrance of Intense Seduction

Dior Poison_50ml_EdT

Poison represents a turning point in Dior’s record. At first, this feminine fragrance introduced in 1985 was the first in the company history that did not bear the word Dior in the name. Second, this floral fragrance developed by perfumer Edouard Flechier was aiming to refresh the offering in the olfactory department of this classic […]

Burberry Brit Red – A New Perspective on British Elegance

Burberry Brit Red_EdT

Winner of the 2005’s Fifi Award in the category “Women’s Fragrance of the Year – Nouveau Niche”, Burberry Brit Red arrived on the market in 2004, as an oriental floral developed by perfumer Nathalie Gracia-Cetto. In fact, Brit Red is a flanker to 2003’s Brit, which received also a Fifi Award, this time in 2004, […]

Flower by Kenzo – The Minimalistic Feminine Fragrance

Flower by Kenzo_100ml_EdP

Flower is precious oriental floral feminine fragrance from Kenzo, perhaps the most popular in its category, built around the poppy note, or, according to the description from the official website, “a poppy with a powdery floral scent, lively and sensual”. Arrived on the market in 2000, the scent was developed by perfumer Alberto Morillas, who […]

Celine Dion Parfum – One More Romantic Scent

Celine Dion Parfum_100ml_EdT

The Canadian singer Celine Dion entered the perfumery business in 2003, by creating a partnership with Coty, for a line of products inspired by her personal emotions. The first outcome of this collaboration, Celine Dion Parfum, arrived on the market in March 2003, as a floral fruity developed by perfumer Patricia Bilodeau. On the official […]

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