Dunhill Fragrances

Dunhill Fresh – For the Relaxed, Casual Man

Dunhill Fresh_100ml_EdT

Introduced by Dunhill in April 2005, Fresh is a masculine woody floral musk fragrance, developed by perfumer Maurice Roucel, from Symrise and aimed at the relaxed, casual men, in search for a day to day perfume that might suit for both office purposes and going out as well. Although these days it is very hard […]

Montblanc Legend Special Edition 2012 – A Very Stylish Masculine Perfume

Montblanc Legend Special Edition 2012_100ml_EdT

I remember that last year in spring I sampled Montblanc Legend and although Dunhill Custom was launched approximately at the same time, a fact that gave me a hard time deciding from the two, I finally picked Legend as a possible acquisition. The idea never completed however, this past May when I read about the […]

Dunhill Black – The Expression of Male Elegance

Dunhill Black_100ml_EdT

Available since November 2008, Dunhill Black is a masculine fragrance belonging to the woody aromatic olfactory group and representing the perfect image of masculinity and elegance from the famous British brand. As mentioned by one of the officials of this brand, two of the ingredients employed in Dunhill Black’s structure, more precisely the green nettle […]

Dunhill 51.3 N – The Spirit of London

Dunhill 51.3 N_100ML_EdT

Arrived on the market in August 2009, 51.3 N is a masculine aromatic spicy fragrance from Dunhill that extracted the inspiration for its name from the latitude of London. The epitome of fashion for men, 51.3 represent “a fragrance which is masculine and confident, yet fresh and elegant fragrance” as mentioned by the description from […]

Dunhill Desire Blue – Into the Blue

Dunhill Desire Blue_50ml_EdT

A fragrance that evokes the deep blue waters of the sea is always a pleasant surprise. And when this disclosure comes from Dunhill, the effect is guaranteed. Following the trail behind the success of Desire for a Man from 2000, Desire Blue is an aromatic green fragrance launched in 2002 and developed by perfumer Philippe […]

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