Domitille Bertier Fragrances

Lanvin Jeanne Lanvin Couture – Elegance Conceived for a Young Woman

Lanvin Jeanne Lanvin Couture_100ml_EdP

The fashion house of Lanvin, considered one of the first that was introduced in Paris, has always targeted its olfactory creations to a, let’s say, more mature audience. And this was true until 2008, the time when they introduced a feminine fragrance dedicated to the loving memory of Jeanne Lanvin, the company’s founder who began […]

Burberry The Beat for Men – The Scent of a Generation

Burberry The Beat for Men_50ml_EdT

I like Burberry for what this represents in the fashion industry and in spite of this until present day I did not encounter any perfume able to inspire me a buying impulse. I admit that I wasn’t able to sniff their entire line of fragrances but, to my opinion Burberry scents are pleasant but, lack […]

John Richmond for Men – Designed for the Unconventional Man

John Richmond for Men_100ml_EdT

The year 2009 marks John Richmond’s entrance in the fragrance industry with the feminine essence called John Richmond Eau de Parfum. One year later, more exactly in June, its masculine counterpart arrived on the market. Belonging to the woody spicy olfactory group and developed by perfumer Domitille Bertier, John Richmond for Men is targeting the […]