Diptyque Fragrances

Diptyque Oyedo Review

Diptyque Oyedo_EdT

This is not about the theory according to which you will always deem the latest perfume you sampled as the one more likely to become a favorite. Because you may trust me when I say that I had my fair share of citrus aromatic fragrances since I discovered my passion for perfumes. However one fact […]

Diptyque Philosykos Review

Diptyque Philosykos_EdT

Another great perfume from Diptyque (the more I sample from the French house, the more I like them all!) is Philosykos a unisex aromatic fruity arrived on the market in 1996 and developed by perfumer Olivia Giacobetti. Created with only a hand of ingredients (fig tree leaves, wood, white cedar), this perfume is considered “one […]

Diptyque L’Eau du Trente-Quatre Review

Diptyque L'Eau du Trente-Quatre_100ml_EdT

I became a fan of Diptyque not only due to the fact that every fragrance I sampled so far proved to be special. And even though I sniffed only four of them as of this writing, every time I detected in those scent something beyond the usual perfumes. Their latest release of this French house […]

Diptyque Volutes – A Curl of Captivating Smoke

Diptyque Volutes_EdP

One of the perfume house that are hard to get by is Diptyque, so you could imagine that the more I read about their interesting scents, the harder I craved to sample them. When Diptyque was finally available in my area, I thought that one of my wishes finally came true. The Parisian-based niche perfume […]