Dior Fragrances

Dior Poison – The Fragrance of Intense Seduction

Dior Poison_50ml_EdT

Poison represents a turning point in Dior’s record. At first, this feminine fragrance introduced in 1985 was the first in the company history that did not bear the word Dior in the name. Second, this floral fragrance developed by perfumer Edouard Flechier was aiming to refresh the offering in the olfactory department of this classic […]

Christian Dior Eau Sauvage Extreme – Expressing a Wilder Masculinity

Christian Dior Eau Sauvage Extreme_100ml_EdT

If I need to give one example of a great citrus aromatic masculine, my olfactory memory instantly thinks of Chanel Pour Monsieur, a quite recent discovery and, to my opinion, one of the few perfumes that is complex in this olfactory category. Having this image in my mind and needing a reference for a woody […]

Christian Dior Dune – A Merger between Sand and the Ocean

Christian Dior Dune_50ml_EdT

Dune is the classic feminine fragrance from Dior, a perfume that was launched 1991 and still continues to amaze. The fragrance was introduced in 1991 as an oriental floral and by 1993 it received the FiFi Award for Women’s Fragrance of the Year in Limited Distribution. The fragrance was developed by Jean-Louis Sieuzac who managed […]

Dior Aqua Fahrenheit – The Combination of Water and Fire

Dior Aqua Fahrenheit_EdT

I have a friend who is so obsessed with Dior perfumes and especially Fahrenheit that, no matter how hard I tried to present him with numerous excellent alternatives, he keeps coming back to his obsession, because he consider it as his signature fragrance. I imagine that this type of customer represents the ideal target for […]

Dior Dolce Vita – A Passion for Good Life

Dior Dolce Vita_50ml_EdT

I remember seeing the ad print for Dolce Vita in a magazine at the end of the ‘90’s, a period when the fine art of perfumery was not the first on my list of priorities. Back then, this perfume seemed to have a distant type of elegance that was definitely perceived wrong by me. Arrived […]

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