Chanel Pour Monsieur Fragrances

Cartier Roadster Sport – The Refreshing and Elegant Fuel

Cartier Roadster Sport_30ml_EdT

Cartier Roadster Sport is an elegant and sporty citrus aromatic that represents the active facet in perfumer, from the famous French jeweler and watchmaker. Introduced in November 2009 as a flanker to 2008’s Roadster, this scent follows the trend of sporty fragrances that dominated the market in the most recent years and is deemed as […]

Dolce&Gabbana D&G Masculine – For the Young and Beautiful

Dolce&Gabanna D&G Masculine_100ml_EdT

D&G Masculine arrived on the market in 1999, as a woody aromatic fragrance developed by perfumer Max Gavarry. Together with its feminine counterpart D&G Feminine, the scent was introduced as a fragrance pair, those embodying Dolce&Gabbana’s vision over the preferences of youngsters. Five years subsequent to the launch I finally tested and taking into account […]

Chanel Pour Monsieur – Extremely Complex

Chanel Pour Monsieur_50ml_EdT

The mini holiday experienced in the past 4 days has offered me the opportunity to re-discover a genuine classic: Chanel Pour Monsieur. It all began while reading a review the other week, in which I noted this scent mentioned alongside the tag citrus and given that my former propensity towards citrus perfumes, from there until […]