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Kate Moss Velvet Hour – A Mysterious Evening Fragrance

Kate Moss Velvet Hour_50ml_EdT

The third perfume launched by the famous (and controversial as well!) English supermodel Kate Moss, arrived on the market in September 2008, as a floral woody musk advertised with the tagline “Embrace the night”. The perfume was developed by perfumer Emilie (Bevierre) Coppermann from Symrise and reportedly was not introduced on the US market. My […]

Celine Dion Spring in Provence – The Aroma of Nature Coming to Life

Celine Dion Spring in Provence_50ml_EdT

Presented to the public in April 2009, Spring in Provence is a new limited edition fragrance from Celine Dion, described as a floral fruity with green accents. The source of inspiration that shaped this scent is easily derived from the brief description of the press release: “Provence in the spring… a magical journey for the […]

Avon Outspoken by Fergie – The Aroma of Blackberry

Avon Outspoken by Fergie_50ml_EdT

Outspoken by Fergie is a fragrance that I misjudged, until my wife received last spring as a gift its more powerful version, Outspoken Intense. Therefore, I decided that a test with the subject Outspoken by Fergie was needed. The debut fragrance from the American singer Stacy Ann Ferguson (more famous as Fergie, her stage name!) […]

Antonio Banderas Mediterraneo – The Mediterranean Fragrance

Antonio Banderas Mediterraneo_50ml_EdT

Mediterraneo is the second major masculine fragrance line from Antonio Banderas (actually is the fifth, if we take into account 1999’s Diavolo per Donna and 2000’s Diavolo Temptation for Men and for Women!). Introduced in 2001 and developed by perfumer Rosendo Mateu, Mediterraneo is described as a woody aromatic. The official website mentions the phrase […]

David Beckham Intense Instinct – The Burning Red Passion

David Beckham Intense Instinct_100ml_EdT

Intense Instinct is the first flanker to 2005’s Instinct, a fragrance which remains a best seller for Beckham fragrances. Introduced in April 2007 as an aromatic fruity fragrance, Intense Instinct is meant to be a more powerful version of the original, a characteristic suggested from the outset, by the selected red color scheme. In spite […]

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