Carthusia Fragrances

Carthusia Uomo – A Refined Essence

Carthusia Uomo_EdP

Since the first sniff of the most representative fragrances made by Carthusia (it happened more than 3 years ago!) I was captivated by Numero Uno and want it badly. Luckily, exactly one year ago I managed to purchase it and I still have a quarter left in the 50 ml bottle. Afterwards, my fascination grew […]

SoOud Asmar – The Perfect Amber Fragance

SoOud Asmar_30ml_EXdP

Asmar was launched in 2008, as part of a collection with 8 perfumes, imagined and developed by Stéphane Humbert Lucas from Nez a Nez in collaboration with Intertrade Europe. Each and every perfumer from this collection and Asmar makes no difference. Surnamed “the Dusky one” on the official website, the scent is described as “a […]

Carthusia 1681 – The Scent of Exquisite Complexity

Carthusia 1681_EdP

Each scent launched by my favorite perfume house, Carthusia, represents a sheer olfactory pleasure. And if the fragrance benefits as well from an interesting story behind its development, the more intense is the excitement. 1681 is a fragrance for men belonging to the aromatic spicy olfactory group which was introduced by Carthusia in the year […]

Carthusia Numero Uno – A Harmony of Woody Notes

Carthusia Numero Uno_50ml

I was always fascinated by Carthusia fragrances. This company might be the definition of ancient tradition and the idea of purchasing an essence that was handmade by monks is something that seemed irresistible for me. Carthusia represents the encounter of history and romance, the result being a couple of unique fragrances that evoke the serenity […]