Calvin Klein Fragrances

Calvin Klein Obsession Night for Men – Temptation in a Bottle

Calvin Klein Obsession Night for Men_75ml_EdT

Obsession for Men is one of the few (if not the only) mainstream fragrances that I decided to keep in my perfume wardrobe. And this happens not only because it brings me back happy memories (it is the perfume received as a Christmas gift in 2009 from my wife!) but, every time I put it […]

Christian Dior Dune – A Merger between Sand and the Ocean

Christian Dior Dune_50ml_EdT

Dune is the classic feminine fragrance from Dior, a perfume that was launched 1991 and still continues to amaze. The fragrance was introduced in 1991 as an oriental floral and by 1993 it received the FiFi Award for Women’s Fragrance of the Year in Limited Distribution. The fragrance was developed by Jean-Louis Sieuzac who managed […]

Must de Cartier – The Essential Perfume

Must de Cartier_100ml_EdT

Must de Cartier is “the first Cartier fragrance that broke with the tradition of perfumery”, according to the description from the official website. Arrived on the market in 1981, as a feminine oriental vanilla fragrance, Must de Cartier was reportedly developed in order to maintain the label bearing the same name, created at first for […]

CK One Shock For Her Calvin Klein – The Defiant Perfume for the Powerful Girls

CK One Shock For Her Calvin Klein_200ml_EdT

The fragrant pair represented by CK One Shock For Her and CK One Shock For Him was introduced in August last year, as flankers to 1994’s classic shared fragrance CK One. The feminine part of this duo is pegged in the oriental floral olfactory group, while a more accurate source from the official Calvin Klein […]

CK IN2U POP for Him Calvin Klein – The Clean Sensation Comes in Limited Edition

CK IN2U POP for Him Calvin Klein_100ml_EdT

The fragrant pair CK IN2U POP for Him and CK IN2U POP for Her was presented in July 2008 as a follow up to CK’s first intention to create a brand as strong as CK One, the CK IN2U scents, for Her and for Him, introduced in 2007. The one which is a masculine woody […]

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