Benzoin Fragrances

Etro Greene Street Review

Etro Greene Street_100ml_EdT

Greene Street is the second perfume I tested from Etro, and one from which I had huge expectations. Coming after Messe de Minuit, one of my pillars in the incense benchmark (although on the last position!), it is understandable why I imagined nothing but the best. Arrived on the market in October 2012, Greene Street […]

Moschino Couture – The Scent of an Unpredictable Elegance

Moschino Couture_50ml_EdP

A popular feminine fragrance since its release in 2004, Moschino Couture belongs to the floral woody musk olfactory group and is one of Moschino’s classic in the ladies department. Having an image that exceeds its olfactory reputation, this scent was dedicated to a woman who feels sexy and leads an intense and exciting life. The […]

Azzaro Pour Homme Elixir – Power of Seduction

Azzaro Pour Homme Elixir_100ml_EdT

Azzaro Pour Homme is one of my favorite fragrances, a classic which is never outdated and on top of that this represents a scent that had been on 2 different occasions in my wardrobe (fist time due to an acquisition, second time as a gift). Having this in mind, it was simply normal to be […]

Lancome O de L’Orangerie – Dominated by Orange Blossom

Lancome O de L'Orangerie_EdT

Last spring, when I noticed the new fragrance from Lancome, called O de L’Orangerie on the shelves of Sephora I was at first intrigued by the shape of the bottle. Then, after passing the initial surprise, I asked my wife to help me, by testing the perfume on her skin. What I have discovered is […]