Azzaro Fragrances

Azzaro Duo Women – The Fruity Golden Aroma

Azzaro Duo Women_EdT

Introduced in January 2011 as a fragrant pair, Azzaro Duo was advertised with the phrase “love is precious” and it somehow relied on the popularity of another duo of perfumes from Azzaro arrived on the market in 2009 and called Twin. Each one of these series of fragrances may be described as attempts of the […]

Paco Rabanne Pour Homme – A Fragrance that is Remarkably Masculine

Paco Rabanne Pour Homme_100ml_EdP

In the past days, I had the pleasure of sniffing a classic and one of the most interesting fragrances from the last 45 year. And on this particular occasion something else revealed to me as well. As you probably know by know, besides the incense based fragrances (which became an obsession for me lately!) I […]

Azzaro Duo Men – The Kiss of Love

Azzaro Duo Men_EdT

The fragrant pair Azzaro Duo Men and Azzaro Duo Women was introduced in January 2011, with the interesting tagline “love is precious”. The masculine part of this collection, Azzaro Duo Men is an oriental woody scent, which comes in a quite unusual flask, which, presented together with its feminine counterpart (exactly as in the print […]

Azzaro Visit for Men – The Fragrance Lighter

Azzaro Visit for Men_100ml_EdT

Visit for Men is a woody spicy fragrance, introduced in 2003 and geared at the young generation, a man who perceives the city as his natural environment. The scent was developed by perfumer Annick Menardo and is built around accords of incense and cedar, which appear as dominant in the mid development phase. The first […]

Aramis Classic – For the Man without Compromises

Aramis Classic_120ml_EdT

When I think about Azzaro Pour Homme, I imagine one of the few examples of classic in masculine perfumery. Moreover, on personal level, this scent introduced in 1978 is among the ones that have been in my perfume wardrobe on more than one occasion. And until last week (shame on me!), I imagined this as […]

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