Azzaro Chrome Fragrances

Azzaro Chrome Legend – Inspired by the Sea

Azzaro Chrome Legend_125ml_EdT

As a flanker to Chrome, launched in 1996, Chrome Legend arrived on the market in 2007, as an aromatic fruity fragrance, developed by perfumers Christophe Raynaud and Olivier Pescheux. With a source of inspiration coming from the sea and the shipbuilding design, the fragrance delivers a more refreshing and masculine character. I have nothing against […]

Azzaro Chrome – Celebrating the Joy of Life

Azzaro Chrome_EdT

Chrome (not the web browser developed by Google!) is a citrus aromatic fragrance introduced in 1996. The description on the official website mentions that “Chrome celebrates joie de vivre and genuine feelings, paying tribute to the unfailing complicity and the sharing of values that create a bond between father and son.” The fragrance is built […]